Might Need to be Slapped if I Keep Stepping on the Scale.

Hi all!

So, I saw team mates had lost more and I was the only member under 1% loss. Remember, this challenge started Friday. I was like no! I can’t be that far behind and grabbed that scale. Long story short, I’m down more. 326.4lbs as of 5/25/2021. That puts me over 1% since Saturday.

I will do my best not to weigh in again until at least Thursday.

No promises lol

Anywho, I was inspired to go on another short walk. My rubbing thighs are protesting, but I am definitely getting in slightly better shape than a week ago. I even took a short video of me walking.

As you could hear in the video, just walking still has me a bit short on breath. I am steady doing just over half a mile with only one brief break to let my heart slow down a bit. I try to keep it under 170 when I can. My break is usually just until the heart rate goes back down to 125 or so, generally less than 2 minutes and my heart rate monitor is paused while sitting. I am slow. Even when I was in decent shape for me ( exercising daily after working 8 hours on my feet, generally easily covering 2 miles or more after work or pretty intense aerobics) 3mph was still basically a jog.

So, today was another great step in this journey!

Keep it going,


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