The Monday Check In

Woo, Hi all!

So, decided to weigh in every couple days at the beginning of this 3 month challenge. It will help keep me accountable and motivate the group. So I surprised myself and was 2.8 lbs down. So weighed in at 227.2lbs this morning. I will start remembering to photograph those again. Promise.

Anywho, went for a walk. Did better than last time so I am improving. Woop!Woop!

I got the chicks moved out this morning as well. So far so good on all of that.

I figured I’d share my week check in pictures. This will show my diet and exercises logged.

Today I will try to be back up to the 1400-1600 range to cycle a bit more. We shall see. Anyway, things still to do be before work starts.

Keep it going,


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