The Challenge Weigh In

The 3 month challenge began yesterday. I decided to do my weigh in for it this morn, since Saturday will be my normal weigh in day anyway. We also needed to do a before picture. You got the front/side pictures already but you can get another of me.

Kimmie 5/22/2021

I decided to take the pictures/ video on the porch for better lighting. The weight came in at 330lbs ( verified by healthy wage). So down over 3lbs in a week! If I can do that every week for the next 12 weeks I should get around 12% loss. Here’s hoping.

We got the wire put on the chicken run, therefore chicks can go out soon. I also will be doing some more seed planting today. I will be hitting TG at some point in the next few hours as well.

It’s lovely outside today. I hope it is where you are too! Go enjoy some spring before summer is here.

Keep it going


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