The Sleepy Still Exercise

*Yawn*. Hi all,

Between my dogs and restless brain I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. The culprit was mostly Koga. He is our only male dog and sometimes is a big baby.


Anywho, I went for a walk Wednesday, took Thursday off and got up early this morning to hit the Total Gym. Only did 18 minutes tg this morning because I am tired. I did continue the pull ups at 15 on lvl 2 though.

I’m going to try to stay in the 16/8 fasting cycle when possible. With my long hours schedule that may not always work. We shall see how the next week of trying it goes. The reason I’m adding this in to the monitoring calories is because I did find a group for the 3 month mini challenge. Now, these challenges are completely based on percent of body weight lost. That means, with my 300+lb body weight, I have to lose much higher pounds to lose a big percent. Most winners of this contest lose 15% or more. Depending what I weigh in at Saturday, for me to lose even 10% would be 30+ pounds. That would me consistently losing 2+ pounds a week. I mean it’s only for 3 months so I can definitely push hard and put my best in for this group and that 2k possible prize.

Healthy wage ribbons

This challenge will definitely help me kick off the next three months with success.

Anywho, I’ll check back in Saturday.

Keep it going,


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