Day 1 back on the Total Gym

I did it! I got up a half hour early, cleaned it off and did 20 minutes on it.

For not having touched it in 4-6 months, I think I did ok. I did my normal-ish 13 minutes on legs and probably 5-6 minutes actively on arms ( a minute or two adjusting levels, attachments and positions) So, my total exercise time was 20 minutes. I burned 255 calories! Overall, that’s great for my restart.

The breakdown of that is level 3 legs 13 minutes, 4 minutes shoulders and chest arm exercise on level 2. I was anle to do 10 pullups on level 2 as well. Saturday, I will be weighing in, taking my measurements, doing more exercise ( raining so probably more TG) and I will be taking some pictures of myself. When I was doing my big loss 8 years ago I was taking front and side pictures every month to see the changes. I likely will share them on here, because, though I am working to change, I am not ashamed of who I am.

There isn’t likely to be much visual changes for at least 4-6 months as large as I currently am. Which is why measuring and weighing happen. All of these are tools to show my progress along with endurance and strength increases.

I’m considering starting up another Healthy Wage run. My last one I was doing well about 2-3 months then just got distracted and gave up. Extra money could definitely help with a few other goals, ( vehicle, fence, sheep, and more chicken runs/ coops) but can I trust myself to actually stick with this at least 6 months? My last few attempts have all been flops.

Well, definitely things to consider over the next few days. I’ll make a decision by Saturday and restart it then if I’m doing it.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Keep it going,


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