The BIG 50


No It’s not pounds yet. ( that day is a few months off still) It’s day 50 on the streak!!!

As you can see, the stats are looking better and better, week by week. My next walk I will try to get to at least .9 if not 1 mile. I’m up to 30 pull ups on level two (It still rough so at least a 2-3 more session before I try for 35.

How has the week been going? Well my knees were stiff The first three days of it so they were all lackluster at best. One of them I only went 8 minutes for goodness sake! I kept pushing though and didn’t break my streak. Humans can pretty much accomplish anything we truly want and set our minds and hearts to. I have those set to getting in better shape and slimming down.

So, how do I think the weigh-in will be this Saturday? I haven’t gone over calories any. I was just under a couple days, but should still have over a 1lb loss. I doubt it will be 2lbs this time though after having 2 of those in a row. We shall see.

More stress has been removed with the dead Elm now being down and mostly packed off. Cost me about half my check but one step closer to my sheep. Have I mentioned that here yet? I don’t think I have. I’ve been wanting to get a dairy animal for at least 5 years, if not more. Starting my next check (2 weeks from tomorrow) I am saving up for the fence and then the sheep. Yes there are dairy sheep.

See the source image

But enough of that here. If anyone wants more info on them, I’ll update my homestead blog as I have more info.

Anywho, enough for now.

Keep it going,

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