Catching Up After Short Break

Hey all!

I’ve been taking a bit of a break away from most of the online stuff. I have continued to track my calories and continue my exercise streak. This break away did mean I didn’t do my normal 3 or more posts here.

Photo by Vie Studio on

Between work and stuff going on around the house I’ve just been busy and distracted.

I did make sure to do my weigh-in today and will share that with you.

So with no further delay:


So, as you can see I am right on track with a 2+lbs loss for this week.

I though, did not and will not be down to 320lb by tomorrow. So, I think we can discount that MFP average, at least for me anyway. Maybe keep track for yourself and see if it holds true for you?

I’ll definitely be back to post the weekly exercise and calorie recap Monday.

Until then

Keep it going,

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