Weighing In on the Trip

Well, I’m back 🙂

So, we made a trip of about an hour to go to the largest swap meet and animal swap in Missouri. It generally happens 3 times a year. The first two generally are in Spring and summer and the final at the beginning of fall. Being unable to get things needed (Like Porta Potties) caused them to cancel the first two but the Fall swap seemed to go on without a hitch.

I didn’t take as much video as I figured I would. I guess I’m not a natural Photo journalist after all. I did take a few short shots, mostly of the animals for sale. I’ll post that video later today. We had a decent time. I walked over a mile and we were there over two hours. I only took two breaks. That was better than I thought I’d do.

I thought the hills were bad here. Ha! My calves were literally shaking on the walk back to the vehicle because it was mostly walking down hill. My calves are quite sore today. So, that of course effected the scale this morning.

If that’s what you’re reading for well here’s your reward.


So, the downward progress continues. Doesn’t look like I’m going to meet the goal of 320lbs by October 11th like MFP predicted all those weeks ago.

Since my calves are so sore, I’ll likely work the arms a bunch today.

Keep it going,

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