25 days in On Streak

Hi all!

Did some exercises today and clenched 25 days of exercise streak. Didn’t push too hard today but put 24 total minutes in between some pedalling and arm work with the Total Gym. I am up to 35 pull ups now with the wing bars. 30 was rough last week, so I am slowly getting stronger!

I also got my weekly tally from MyFitnessPal. Figured I’d share that again.

I also came across a picture I figured I’d share. I don’t know the origin of the picture but I did not take it, nor do I claim to own it.

I’m down 6.8lbs so probably at least 5lbs of pure fat. It’s a small piece of the puzzle but every piece adds to the full picture.

I’ll check in here at least once more before my trip Friday. I plan to video at least some of that day. Hoping to get miles of walking done šŸ™‚

Keep it going,


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