Sore Muscles and Sad Scales

Today was weigh in day. I did my normal morning routine and then hopped on that scale… and it mocked me.

No description available.

No worries. I’m not upset. It always stinks to see the numbers going the opposite way that you want, but I know how weight loss works. You WILL NOT see a loss every single week, especially when you are exercising hard and a female.

I have multiple sore muscles from using the Total Gym harder or in new ways. Sore muscles equal water retention. For some one that size that can be anywhere from 2-6 pounds of water retention.

I’m 100% positive I’ve logged all my calories and MFP has never steered me wrong in the past 9 years. I’ll show a couple examples of the calories I’ve consumed. The first will be Net calories (Calories minus any extra exercise logged).

Next is the Calories in general. This is how much I ate each day.

At 1950 Calories a day I should lose about 1.8lbs a week with a sedentary life. With an “office” job my life is considered primarily sedentary.


Keep it going,

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