Accessories arrive. Oh My!

Woo! So got through day 16 of my exercise streak.

My core/ abs are so sore from one of the stretching exercises I’ve been doing the past few days. Took a walk yesterday. Still harder than it should be, but it’s mostly just my back that starts getting tired and aching. From what I’ve researched it’s the muscles that are weak back there and the back/ spine and muscles surrounding it, have to compensate and work harder to do balance on these inclines we have. That means these are harder, but I have done this core work the last few days that hopefully will start to help.

The accessories I got for my Total gym came in and I used the wing bars, went through all the training cards (Some of those exercises are still a long way off for me), and in a day or two, I will try the leg extenders.
So yeah I did pull ups! Pull ups!! That’s what the wing bars attachments are for.

See the source image

I really may have to take back the hatred I have of exercise. I really am starting to like the Total Gym machine. Some moves are still insanely hard, some I know I can’t do yet at all but working harder each time, putting in a little more time, and knowing I’m going to be moving up to the next level on the legs soon, are all exciting.

Weigh in day tomorrow. I will post the results here, no matter what.

Keep it going

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