Weekly Snapshots and Stiff Knees

So, I’ve been struggling to maintain my exercise streak the past few days ( today included) because my knees are a bit swollen and stiff. I’ve gotten some exercise in over the weekend and will get something in today as well. It’s just harder when my knees get puffy. This happens due to storms and fronts. It’s happened ever since moving into this higher elevation.

It’s down to just the right knee today so hopefully back to normal in another day or two. It sucks when your body prevents you from working as hard as you want to. We all have our limits, though.

Anywho, today will mark day 12 of my exercise streak. I’ll probably lower the TG and majorly work the arms. MyFitnessPal gives users weekly reviews to show you how you’re doing. You can see from mine, that between diet and exercise I should be fine for my goal of 1.5-2lbs a week.

Always good to see the breakdown like this. I love data and statistics for some reason.

Anyhow, life continues and the journey carries on.

Keep it going,


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