And the Scale Says…

It’s Saturday and I’ve decided that’s likely the best day to weigh in. So, first thing today, after using the bathroom, I hopped on the scale.

Drum roll please………………

Yes so the picture says 333 even but the two I took earlier were 332.6 so that’s actually what I’m going with for MyFitnessPal stats. (You can see my friendly fat kitten, Tracer, wanted in the picture and the dogs going in and out the back yard made everything dirty as well. Life with many pets. )

Hardly any of that loss should be water weight. I have not cut down on salt and didn’t have sore muscles on original weigh in. So, that 3ish pounds should be mostly fat loss!

It’s a good start for sure.

Now, don’t be thinking I’m going to be regularly showing 3 lb a week losses. The first week generally is always one of the best. On average, I should lose 1.5-2lbs a week. You will though see that eventually I will post lower because of a bad water weight week or similar. I use the scale as a tool, not the have all be all of my journey.

Today, I will likely either go on a walk, do some heavy cleaning (or both) for exercise. Going to try to give the knees a day off the squatting on the Total Gym.

Keep it going

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