What are Non Scale Victories?

So, I mentioned there being other ways to chart your progress on you journey to better health and here where I will expand on that.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

a non scale victory or NSV for short is exactly like it says. This is basically anything positive occurring in your life due to weight loss and or exercise increase.

Some examples of NSV are:

Clothes fitting better of feeling looser

Measurements going down

Flexibility increased, being able to touch your toes

Endurance increased, you can walk further, stand longer, hold a pressure or weight longer

Something that was very hard being a little easier to physically do

More room in the car, having to adjust seats forward or seatbelt being less cutting

Chasing a child or pet and not finding yourself short of breath

Moving in a notch on a belt

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Feeling less hungry, feeling full easier

Craving less “junk food”

Your significant other notices you snore less

People comment you look like you’ve lost weight or have been exercising

Your knees, feet or joints seem to be bothering you less

Getting up from a seated position is easier

You find yourself having more energy and are getting more done.

Having to buy new pants because they are trying to fall off

Seeing definition where before there was only roundness or flab

Basically, NSVs can happen often and be in all sorts of different fashions. Often, you won’t be watching for it and it just strikes you out of the blue. You’ll just notice it’s easier to get up or down or seems you’re walking faster than you used to.

Cherish and celebrate these victories just as much or more than the numbers on a scale going down. After all losing weight as a goal isn’t just to lose weight is it? Don’t you want to be in better shape, be more confident and or have other tidbits that literally have nothing to do with a number on a scale?

I have been exercising a week now and already notice a difference. That motivates me to keep pushing. I hope you see these little successes and they do the same for you.

Keep it going

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