One week down


I made it through a whole week exercising every day and logging my food diary every single meal. The first couple weeks are always the hardest to get back in that logging habit.

That’s basically all a healthier lifestyle is. It’s just a series of healthier habit choices.

Now am I saying I made all healthy choices? Not by a long shot. What I did do, though, was note everything I ate carefully, keep track of my calories and stay under what MyFitnessPal recommended for me to lose at least 1.5lbs a week. My aim is to lose 1.5-2lbs a week so that’s why I stay under, and often a ways under, what they recommend.

Did I eat healthy food? By most people’s opinions the answer is no. I eat high processed food fairly often. For now, I’m mostly watching calories and making sure I get at least 30g of protein a day. I will slowly incorporate more “healthy” choices, but, for now, I’m focused on calories and trying to drink more water. I struggle with drinking enough. I generally have no issues from taking in too little water, but I know it’s good for me and weight loss so am doing my best to drink more.

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I’ve had 8 days straight of exercise. I love keeping up the streak. From the first walk to the one I took yesterday I noticed less tiredness and I wasn’t breathing as heavy. I also raised my time from 14 minutes to less than 12. So, that is improvement. I also notice I’m getting better on the arm exercises on the Total Gym machine. I’m also burning slightly less calories than at the beginning of the week while pushing just as hard. My body always has adjusted quickly to change. That means I have to work harder each week to burn the same amount of calories. So, either push harder or put in longer times for exercise. Fun fun .. Grumble grumble…

So, I’m overall happy with the progress. I will be weighing in soon. You know I will post it!

Keep it going,


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