Total Gym is Up.

Ok, I’m not an exerciser by choice. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting, and I don’t feel good before during or after it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I dread it but it’s never making my list of things I like to do. The Total Gym might just change that.

So, I have a used Total Gym XL. I got it for $30 from a local auction. It didn’t come with any accessories, but, for that price, I can afford to slowly add what I want for it. If you can find one for under $100 in working condition snap it up! Chuck Norris was right; this thing is awesome.

I never really got out of breath but felt my muscles working and even worked up a sweat. 20 minutes flew by. I need major *major* work on the arm muscles. All of that was extremely hard for me compared to the squat exercises and other leg work I did today. I can feel that I’m going to have sore muscles but I know that’s really a good thing. The gliding kind of felt fun, somehow. I was able to punch and lift my arms to keep my upper body moving and heart rate up while doing squats and similar.

So, yeah I would recommend a total gym machine for someone needing to lose major weight or just get in better shape. I can see it working for the vast majority of people.

So, today marks day 3 of the exercise streak. I plan a short walk tomorrow and hey, if I can, might do some more total gym work.

Soon the room will be fully ready for better pictures and even video. Until then you’ll get peaks and my simple written words.

Keep it going


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