So when is the exercise going to start?

Woo! So, I had planned to start the exercising last weekend but the room still isn’t quite ready yet and that is really my only space indoors for exercise; plus, I want to be using my Total Gym Machine that I got a few weeks back.

See the source image

I got it second hand for a great deal (As long it does actually work, Fingers crossed)

I had to clean out a room we were using for storage and this will be my space for exercise and more. Once it’s ready I will share pictures and that’s where most exercise related videos will be from.

Everything should be ready for starting steady exercise by this weekend as all the major supplies has come in and everything major is out of the way.

What all do I have for exercise? Well, to start I will do a combination of what I call Dancercize (Which is just me semi dancing and doing aerobics to music) and using the Total Gym system. I’m sure in the awful shape I’m in both will be pitiful the first week or two. I’m persistent and will keep going and that is a trait we all can use.

See the source image

I will be posting my current stats Friday or Saturday on here. that will include my weight, measurements and hopefully my BMI (As long as my tester still works) and my V02 Max score.

So look for all those updates coming soon and also watch for pictures of me and my space as well.

Keep it going

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